Why Is CD

It is often asserted that antitrust and intellectual property laws exist in complete harmony. But one need look no further than today’s headlines to see that “competition” and “innovation” war with each other, in an apparently never-ending battle. At bottom, this battle can be reduced to a simple question: is the price of innovation too high or too low?

CD exists to frame and answer this question properly, in the context of complex disputes that arise in the world’s fastest-changing and most innovative markets. We produce analysis, testimony and economic research that not only reflects the rapid development of markets and the law, but that shapes that development. If competition and intellectual property could ever be confined to a closed economy, those days are now past. Global supply chains, global pricing and increasing divergence between the location of research and the location of manufacturing all mean that a large number of antitrust/IP disputes are now fought in the context of international trade.

We believe that the world needs, and rewards, more accurate, more reliable and more comprehensive solutions to global high-technology conflicts.

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