Selected Presentations

What Is That Patent Really Worth? Courts Take a Hard Look at the ‘Reasonable Royalty’ Calculation,” Silicon Valley Advanced Patent Law Institute, Palo Alto, December 2012

What (Exactly) Are Patents Worth at Trial? The ‘Smartphone War’ Example,” American Intellectual Property Law Association, Austin, May 2012

Apportionment and the EMVR post-Uniloc,” Practicing Law Institute, New York, November 2011.

The Objective Valuation of ‘Non-Traded’ IP,” Intellectual Property Owners Annual Meeting, Atlanta, September 2010.

Assigning Value to Individual Patents in a Patent Portfolio,” Intellectual Property Owners Annual Meeting, Chicago, September 2009.

Economic Observations on the Renaissance of Compulsory Licensing,” Is Your Intellectual Property At Risk From The Government?, American Bar Association, International Law Section, April 2009.

“Permanent Injunctions After eBay: Economic Factors in the ‘Four Factor Test,’” New Developments in IP: Strategies for Big and Small Business, Fordham University, New York, November 2008.

What is FRAND? A Law and Economics Approach,” Competition Issues in International Licensing and Litigation, AIPPI 41st World Congress, Boston, September 2008.

“Patent Portfolio Valuation: New Directions, New Issues,” New York Intellectual Property Law Association, November 2006.

“International Patent Micro Data: An Introduction and Synthesis,” National Bureau of Economic Research, March 2006.

“In Search of Better Patent Protection: When Is ‘Rational Ignorance’ Rational?” University of Michigan Intellectual Property Workshop, December 2004.

“Market Power and the Competitive Level: Proving Antitrust Injury in Intellectual Property Markets.” Invited lecture given at “Intellectual Property, Sustainable Development, and Endangered Species: Understanding the Dynamics of the Information Ecosystem,” Michigan State University, March 2004.

“Copyright, Price Discrimination and Productivity.” Presented at annual meetings of the Society for Economic Research on Copyright Issues (SERCI), Northampton, June 2003.

“The Economics of Digital Copyright.” Selected as one of two best intellectual property papers by North American young scholars, presented at the Stanford-Yale Faculty Forum, June 2003.

“The Regulation of Patent Pools,” Federal Trade Commission hearings on Competition and Intellectual Property Law and Policy in the Knowledge-Based Economy: Cross-Licensing and Patent Pools, Washington, DC, April 2002.

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